Sociétés belges

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Gastroenterologie


Belgian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy


Belgian Association for the Study of the Liver


Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology


The Belgian Cancer Registry Foundation – Procare


Coma Science Group


Blog abdominal imaging


About Gastroenterology in Belgium

Due to the Federal structure and the two main cultural communities of Belgium, Gastroenterology has evolved in separate ways.


1. Flemish Community (Flanders)

2. French Speaking Community (Wallonia & Brussels)

3. Others

4. Common activities

5. Statistics

Number of specialists: ((1.02.2015)) 24.756
Number of GP: ((1.02.2015)) 18.000
Number of Gastroenterologists: (1.02.2015) 704
Number of Internists: (1.02.2015) 1590



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